Help for small businesses

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Help for small businesses

Small businesses across the Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough (GCGP) Local Enterprise Partnership area could be missing out on publicly funded Business Support unless they engage with the local Growth Hub.

Those businesses with aspirations to grow or take on more staff could be eligible for appropriate schemes or grant funding to help with that growth.

But to find out if any of the schemes match their business strategy businesses will need to benefit from a free business review and diagnostic process that the Growth Hub can help with.

To encourage more engagement the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has joined forces with the GCGP Growth Hub ‘Signpost2Grow’ to stage a major information and networking event to be held in Peterborough tonight.

Event organiser David Thorpe of FSB said: “We are keen to ensure that businesses get the benefit of support to match business needs.

It is thought that more businesses will engage and find out more if they are made aware of how Business Support works and what a Growth Hub is and what it does.

My presentation will show owners and managers how the process works and how to access the publicly funded support schemes that could help them achieve their ambitions.

A second presentation by Signpost2Grow representatives will show examples of the grants and schemes and some case studies telling how local businesses have enjoyed success after taking up business support.”


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