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 It has been a while since I penned a blog for Connect FM – sometimes the football season can take over your life and this year certainly feels like that with midweek games aplenty and the subsequent programme work to undertake.

However, I am back and wanted to talk about this week’s Talking Sport show (17th March 2017) because I have a new co-host with regular contributor Chris Wearmouth stepping up in the absence of Gregg Nunney.

Chris’s sporting knowledge is second to none, he may be an expert in his field of rugby (he works for Northampton Saints) but he can offer insightful comment on a whole range of subjects and we certainly covered them on this week’s show.

From my visit to the Peterborough Phantoms ice hockey team last Sunday (the beat MK Lightening at Planet Ice in the first leg of the EPL Cup final) to previewing the new Speedway season (guests from the Peterborough Panthers will be introduced to our crowd at the ABAX Stadium on Saturday ahead of our fixture with Oldham Athletic), Chris has plenty of stories to share.

Of course, it would have been remiss of us not to cover the Six Nations conclusion and the incredible achievement of Leicester City in the Champions League and that is covered don’t worry! With any radio show, feedback is vital because ultimately, I might think the show is great and Chris might too, but it is the listeners that are the most important so feel free to get in touch and offer your comments. I can be reached at

In the next few weeks,  I will be visiting the Peterborough Lions rugby team as they prepare for a big game with Birmingham, speaking to some of those riders at the Panthers ahead of their new season and with a bit of luck securing a top sporting star for an in depth chat.

Whether it is me and Chris or me and Gregg, Talking Sport is a regular show in your week – 5-6pm on Fridays, only on Connect FM.

Phil Adlam

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