Council management structure update

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Council management structure update

At the last meeting of Wellingborough Council on 23 February 2017 it was agreed that the post of Chief Executive be removed and the Head of Finance be appointed as the Interim Managing Director and Head of Paid Service, in addition to her role as the Section 151 Officer.

The Head of Resources and Head of Planning and Local Development were appointed as Interim Directors, with all Directors taking up these posts from 24 February 2017.

A report by the Leader of the Council proposing that the interim arrangements become a permanent senior management structure, effective from 12 April 2017, will be discussed at full council on 11 April 2017.

The council will also be presented with a report outlining considerations for setting the Directors’ salary details, which will be treated as confidential during the meeting because it contains financially sensitive data. The decision on salaries will be made available following discussion at this meeting.

The new primus inter pares model, as adopted by several councils nationwide, will be recommended, as follows: Liz Elliott as Managing Director and Head of Paid Service, retaining her role as S151 Officer; Bridget Gamble and Julie Thomas as Directors, with Bridget Gamble as the Council’s Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Martin Griffiths, said: “Although the decision to restructure our management team was not made lightly, this proposal represents a positive and modern approach to local government. There will be a total cost saving of approximately £46K, contributing to the £1.1m saving needed over the coming financial year.

This step means that the council’s management style will mirror a more corporate structure, focusing on financial sustainability, maximising income from our property and investments, but at the same time delivering excellent services for our residents.


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