Crackdown on illegal parking at hospital

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Crackdown on illegal parking at hospital

Parking enforcement teams will start work at Peterborough City Hospital today to stop people leaving their cars in the wrong place.

The number of spaces at PCH increased to 753 for visitors and patients in January providing an additional 150 spots.

Stephen Graves, Chief Executive of North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We have had problems with car parking for some time now and I would like to apologise to our patients and visitors that have been affected by this.

Coming into hospital can be an incredibly stressful experience for them and we want to ensure that getting onto the site and getting to an appointment on time is a smooth process for all.

Unfortunately some individuals, both staff and the public, have been illegally parking and blocking some of the key emergency access routes into and out of the hospital, which is incredibly dangerous.

As a result we have had to bring in enforcement notices, which we hope will prevent this kind of parking from continuing.


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