Pensioner unlawfully killed

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Pensioner unlawfully killed

An inquest held into the death of 74-year-old pensioner David Brickwood, has concluded a verdict of unlawfully killed.

The evidence heard before Her Majesty’s Assistant Coroner Mr Hassan Shah at County Hall, Northampton, revealed that Mr Brickwood had sustained 35 injuries in total during the violent attack in his home in Lindsey Avenue in the early hours of Saturday, 26 September 2015.

Professor Guy Rutty from Leicester Royal Infirmary, who carried out the post mortem, gave his findings that Mr Brickwood had suffered cardiac arrest.

He said that Mr Brickwood had underlying heart disease and had died as a result of a combination of this and haemorrhaging, triggered by the assault.

Mr Brickwood had suffered 35 separate areas of injury across his body including blunt and sharp instrument trauma.

The first responding officer at the scene, PC David Cayton who arrived at around 2.15am, said that when he arrived at the house, Mr Brickwood had been standing by the window covered in blood. He had engaged him in conversation while looking for keys to the front door, to allow emergency services to enter.

Shortly after, Mr Brickwood had knelt on the floor and then lay on the floor where he stopped breathing. PC Clayton began CPR, however Mr Brickwood was later pronounced dead at Northampton General Hospital at 3.30am.

As the officer left the witness box, Dale Brickwood, Mr Brickwood’s son, thanked him for his actions on the night. He later gave his view that only a small number of people would have known what his father’s routine was, when he went to bed and which room he slept in.

A statement given by another son, Nathan Brickwood, was read out by the assistant coroner. He said: “My dad was the backbone of the family. We would go to him if we had any problems.

“I’d known him to give money to neighbours for their shopping who were struggling with money.

“My dad would never hurt anybody, and would do anything for anyone. The grandchildren cannot understand why he was taken. I don’t think the family will ever come to terms with what happened.”

A neighbour, who’s statement was also read out at the inquest, recalled Mr Brickwood; “Everyone knew him and everyone loved him.”

Detective Inspector Phil Mills, from the investigation team, said: “It is right that an inquest is held today, especially for the family.

“We are continuing to pursue a number of lines of enquiries and would urge anyone with any information they may have, to come forward.

“It is disappointing that despite our best efforts, we have not yet been able to prosecute anyone for this terrible crime. However, we strongly believe that people out there will know who did this and will have information or evidence that they have not shared. They may not have come forward yet, because they think it’s not important, we don’t need them or they are afraid. But we absolutely need those people to come forward and contact us.

“We believe David was deliberately targeted with the offenders planning to rob him and going prepared to use violence. They could just have carried out the robbery without using the level of violence they used on a poor defenceless man. People are likely to have talked about it, before and after, so someone out there will know something.”

Six people have been arrested during the course of the investigation, but no-one has been charged and no-one remains on bail.

Two Ford Focus cars, believed to have been used during the incident remain outstanding, and detectives continue to appeal for details about them.

A number of items located during a search of Eastfield Park Lake in January, continue to undergo assessment while enquiries remain.


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