British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Northamptonshire Police are pleased to report the security operation continues to run smoothly at the circuit.

The number of crimes reported so far has been eight since the policing operation started at 7am on Thursday.

Officers have dealt with missing persons, public disorder, drunkenness, and theft, however officers have mainly encountered well-behaved, excited racegoers.

Event commander, Supt Chris Hillery, said: “Our aim is to ensure everyone visiting the circuit has a safe and enjoyable experience.

“The traffic management system is working well and there’s a great atmosphere at the circuit.

“We have a prepared a very comprehensive security operation for this event, but we would urge anyone who thinks they see something suspicious to report it immediately to police or circuit security so we can react quickly and appropriately.”

Crime prevention advice is available here:!/Silverstone/22967

Advice on traffic measures both into and out of the circuit is available here:!/Silverstone/22962

Meanwhile race day motorists using the A43 in south Northamptonshire should be aware the traffic management plan for the British Grand Prix is underway.


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