Gym opens at library

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Gym opens at library

The “Friends of Oundle Library” are delighted to announce the opening of their new outdoor Gym, the formal opening of which takes place on Wednesday 19th July at 5.30pm.
Northamptonshire Libraries are part of the First for Wellbeing family, delivering the Library Plus service on behalf of Northamptonshire County Council. The idea behind the emergence of First for Wellbeing has been to build up a true community of local wellbeing experts and services, it is only fitting that some of Northamptonshire’s iconic council services such as Libraries now fall within the First for Wellbeing family.
The idea to purchase some gym equipment for the library came from the Friends of Oundle Library group, who carried out a consultation to see if locals would use the library gym equipment before agreeing that it was worth applying for funding to purchase some equipment.

The group applied to the Northamptonshire Community Foundation and were successful in obtaining a grant for 3 pieces of equipment including a “Skier machine”, a “Chest press and pull down exerciser combination machine” and a “Hand and pedal bike”.

The equipment is free to use around the clock and the library staff and volunteers are hoping that the new equipment will help customers to enjoy some physical wellbeing when visiting the library in future. There is also the hope that in addition to other wellbeing resources on offer in libraries, GPs will see the added benefit of referring customers to use this free resource.

The Friends of Oundle Library are keen to make best possible use of the library space, including the garden. The Friends of Oundle Library added:

“We had a dream of the garden as an outdoor gym space, free for anyone to use at any time. After a day of consultation and testing the equipment we were delighted when it was rated a hit with local residents, so we went ahead with a funding bid.”

“You can see the results in the Library garden, 3 pieces of equipment being used daily by local residents, all benefitting from some gentle outdoor exercise. We are delighted to be able to support the library with its wellbeing outcomes in this way and to be about to give local people an opportunity to increase their fitness and overall wellbeing.”
Councillor Sylvia Hughes, Cabinet member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said

“Our libraries already provide many opportunities to support the wellbeing of customers, providing volunteering opportunities, education and training support and they give families a safe supportive environment in which to access the best start in life. It is fantastic to see that the Friends of Oundle Library have worked hard to offer additional accessible facilities to support the physical wellbeing of the local community and become an all-round hub for wellbeing in the area.”


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