Pubs warned to secure premises after series of thefts

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Northamptonshire Police are urging pub and club owners to secure their premises after a series of burglaries.

More than twenty venues have been targeted around the county in the past five weeks.

Officers have met with Pubwatch to offer advice and support.

Here’s a list of tips:


– Ensure that everyone has left the premises before locking up at night. Check toilets, staff areas etc
– If possible, don’t open or lock up alone. Peak times of risk for robberies are early morning when no customers are likely to be present and last thing at night when you are cashing up
– Ensure all windows and doors are locked and intruder alarms set
– If you have CCTV, ensure at least one camera is focussed on gaming machines
– Intruder alarm and/or CCTV cameras should remotely alert Manager/DPS when they are activated so police can be called at the earliest opportunity
– Keep as little of your takings on the premises as you can at one time and increase your deposits to the bank, varying the day/times you go to the bank
– Review the security on all entrances and exits
– Gaming machines should be emptied regularly – daily if possible
– Consider purchasing a gaming machine security cabinet to protect your machine

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