Roads closed during run

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Roads closed during run

Road closures in Peterborough have been announced for this year’s Great Eastern Run.

Several roads will be closed for the morning – while others will be shut until the afternoon on Sunday 8th October.

The following roads will be closed between 9.30am and 10.45am: Rivergate, Bourges Boulevard (southbound) from the Queensgate roundabout, Priestgate, Cathedral Square, Long Causeway and Broadway.

In general, all other roads along the route will be closed from 9.30am until 2pm. However, as the last runner passes each mile point, that road junction will reopen.

The mile points and approximate reopening times are:

1 mile – 11am – Broadway to Northminster
2 mile – 11.15am – Park Road to Park Crescent
3 mile – 11.30am – Fulbridge Road to Foxdale
4 mile – 11.45am – Paston Ridings to Witham Way
5 mile – 12pm – Corfe Avenue to Rockingham Grove
6 mile – 12.15pm – Lincoln Road to Staverton Road
7 mile – 12.30pm – David’s Lane to Hodgson Avenue
8 mile – 12.45pm – Fulbridge Road to Aster Drive
9 mile – 1pm – Donaldson Drive to Pratt Avenue
10 mile – 1.15pm – Fulbridge Road to Tennyson Road
11 mile – 1.30pm – Dogsthorpe Road to Park Road
12 mile – 1.45pm – Eastfield Road to Boongate
13 mile – 2pm – Embankment – finish





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