Ice Scraper

Forget your credit card! Put away the CD case! Get your FREE Ice Scraper!

Ready, steady, SCRAPE! Will you be ready next time your windscreen is frozen over? Don’t be rushing inside to get the first thing you can lay your hands on, get a Connect FM Ice Scraper thanks to our friends at York, Ward and Rowlatt in Wellingborough! No self respecting car should be without one! When the weather’s cold enough to freeze your…windscreen, listen to Breakfast with Mark and Liz to find out what you have to do to get one!


There are a number of ways to get your ice scraper. Listen to Mark and Liz for your chance to text in and get one. Team Connect have ice scrapers with them too so tune in to find out where they’ll be. Lastly, fill in the form and we’ll send one to you!

Break the Ice this winter with Connect FM and our friends at York, Ward and Rowlatt where you can get your car winter ready with a 25 point safety check for £25!


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