Listen to Liz at 6.40am and 8.40am to hear the Secret Sound and have a guess. Remember you can guess only by calling 01536 513444. We wont accept texts, tweets or facebook posts [or anything else for that matter!!]

Some of the [wrong] guesses we’ve had so far…

  • coin sorting machine in a supermarket
  • garden threshing machine
  • automatic coffee grinder
  • automatic pencil sharpener
  • shredder
  • old car engine starting
  • hand whisk
  • spinning top
  • pepper grinder

In case you missed it, the Secret Sound that ran up to a total of £1,020 recently was taking the back off a mobile phone. Well done to Tracy from Corby who worked that out and bagged herself the cash!

In addition to the usual Connect FM competition terms and conditions, the following apply for the Secret Sound:

  • Entries to this competition are only accepted by phoning 01536 513444 when the presenter/s invite calls on weekday mornings at approximately 6.40am. Texts, emails, tweets, facebook posts or any other method of entry will not be counted.
  • We will only pay out to the first person who correctly identifies exactly what is making the sound [using the entry method above]. Near guesses or approximate answers will not be considered correct.