So…what is the SECRET SOUND? The current one has been with us since the beginning of March…but what is it? Here are some of the wrong guesses we’ve had so far…

Breaking the chocolate on an Easter Egg
Breaking the top off a boiled egg
Bubble wrap
Chopping wood
Clip type food container
Cracking an egg
Cracking an egg with a spoon
Cracking toffee with a toffee hammer
Date stamp
Defrosting a freezer
Doing up a cable tie
Dusting your hands down
Getting ice cubes from an ice cube tray
Hitting the bottle of a ketchup bottle
Igniting an oven
Log burning on a coal fire
Making beef burgers or patties
Opening a tin of pet food
Opening an envelope with a knife
Opening the foil on a jar of coffee
Piercing a ready meal with a fork
Plastic milk bottle top being unscrewed for the first time
Plumping up cushions
Popcorn in a microwave
Rubber safety mat being pulled up from a bath or shower
Safety cap on a medicine bottle
Sauce bubbling on top on the oven
Separating frozen chicken fillets
Shaking and rolling some dice
Shoes on a dancefloor or walking across a floor
Slapping the mail or newspaper in your hand
Someone dribbling a ball on a basketball court
Stamping on the floor
Tapping a seg [or heal saver] into a shoe
Tenderising meat
Using a hammer to nail some wood together
Using a spoon to go through the foil on a coffee jar
Whisking an egg

0Tune in to Mark and Liz at 6.40am and 8.40am to hear it and have a guess. Remember you can guess only by calling 01536 513444. We wont accept texts, tweets or facebook posts [or anything else for that matter]

Tune in and win with Connect FM! Come back here soon to see some of the guesses!


Congratulations to Charmayne from Whittlesey who guessed the Secret Sound and won ¬£1,520 on Thursday 8th December! Missed it? Have a listen…

In addition to the usual Connect FM competition terms and conditions, the following apply for the Secret Sound:

  • Entries to this competition are only accepted by phoning 01536 513444 when the presenter/s invite calls on weekday mornings at approximately 6.40am. Texts, emails, tweets, facebook posts or any other method of entry will not be counted.
  • We will only pay out to the first person who correctly identifies exactly what is making the sound [using the entry method above]. Near guesses or approximate answers will not be considered correct.