Every morning from Monday 14th November, we’re playing THE MONEY OR THE GLOVEBOX on the Breakfast Show! Mark and Liz have got the keys to a brand new MOKKA X from York, Ward & Rowlatt in Wellingborough and, while Liz has a rummage in her handbag for the keys [!], the money will add up. If you hold your nerve, you could win some lovely cash or you could risk it and ditch the dosh for what’s in the glovebox. Could be MORE money. Could be the banana Mark left in there from lunch!!!

Tune in to Mark and Liz to play and win!

Home of the new Mokka X. It’s your life. Go drive it.

In addition to the usual Connect FM Terms and Conditions, the following apply for this promotion:

  • Every morning from Monday 14th Nov – Fri 18th Nov 2016 inclusive, Mark and Liz will set a qualifying question. From all the correct answers received, one person will be picked at random to come on the radio and play The Money or the Glovebox.
  • Against the clock, every contestant will be given the choice of sticking with the accumulating cash or “opening the glovebox” which may contain more money or may contain a booby prize!
  • All prize monies will be paid out within 28 days of the end of the promotion.

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