To celebrate our brand new sound, we’re breaking open the cakes and bringing them round! Tell us about your workplace and Team Connect could soon be on their way with a delivery of delicious cakes for you and your workmates! What’s more, we’ll be coming along in our fab brand new Jeep Renegade…if you’re nice, we’ll even let you sit in it!!

Get your cake on by telling us about you and your workplace below.

The Renegade Run is brought to you in a brand new and fabulous Jeep Renegade from our friends at

Your first name:
Your last name:
Your company's name:
The address of your workplace [full address and postcode please]:
Approximately how many people work with you?:
Your daytime contact phone number:
Your email address:
Please confirm that you are over 18 and accept Connects FM's Terms and Conditions:
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In addition to usual Connect FM Terms & Conditions, the following apply for the Renegade Run:

  • We cannot guarantee that the cakes and biscuits we deliver will be nut free so please ┬ámake sure you check with your workmates in case anyone has an allergy.
  • We will deliver to as many workplaces as we can. Every workplace nominated will go into a random draw for deliveries which will mean we cannot guarantee that we’ll get to every place nominated.
  • We will deliver cakes and biscuits and we’d really like to take a photo of you and your workmates when we come round. This picture will usually appear on and possibly on our facebook page too.
  • No alternatives will be offered so if you don’t want cakes and biscuits, the Renegade Run is probably not for you!
Jeep Renegade Header