Can you help us with the weather forecast? Every weekday morning, we want a special kid to come on the radio and help with the weather forecast on the Breakfast Show!
If you know someone who’s 12 years old or under and can talk to us on the telephone one morning before school, we want to hear about them! Fill in the form below and send it in. We’ll be looking for 5 Weather Kids each week from Monday 19th June.

That’s not all, thanks to our friends at Wicksteed Park, every Weather Kid who goes on the radio will get a limited edition Connect FM Weather Kids t-shirt to say thank you! For more information about all the activtities to enjoy at Wicksteed, whatever the weather, click on their logo!
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Here’s how it works:
nominate your Weather Kid below before midnight on Tuesday 18th July. If they’re picked, we’ll call you and arrange to chat to your Weather Kid on the radio one morning. You do not have to bring them into the studio – we’ll do it all on the phone and will only need about 5 minutes of their time [we know how busy life gets on a school morning!].


Your name:
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How old are they?:
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What relation are you to the child?:
I am over 18 years of age and accept Connect FM Terms and Conditions for this competition. :
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Every Weather Kid who comes on the radio will get a special, limited edition t-shirt to say thank you for helping us. The t-shirts come in the following sizes.

Age 1/2 = 24″
Age 2/3 = 25″
Age 3/4 = 26″
Age 5/6 = 28″
Age 7/8 = 30″
Age 9/11 = 32″
Age 12/13 = 34″
Age 14/15 = 36″

Have a listen to our brilliant 2017 Weather Kids!

Wicksteed 3
Wicksteed 1
Wicksteed 2

As well as the usual Connect FM Terms and Conditions, the following apply for this promotion:

  • It’s fine to nominate any child who’s around 12 years old or younger even if they’ve previously been a Weather Kid or Panto Kid on Connect FM. It’s also fine to nominate more than one child from the same family.
  • On the agreed day, we will call and speak to the Weather Kid on the phone. Please nominate kids who are happy to talk to us this way.
  • Weather Kids are picked at random from all those nominated.
  • Every Weather Kid who comes on the radio will receive a limited edition Weather Kid t-shirt. No alternative will be offered. The sizes of the t-shirts can be found above.
  • Nominations close at midnight on Tuesday 18th July, 2017.
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