Weigh-in Wednesday!

We often get asked for these…no, really! Every Wednesday morning, Mark and Liz get weighed as they’re trying to lose weight. Well, Liz is. Mark is just messing about. While they get weighed in the studio, you get to hear the Weigh-in Wednesday song and here are the lyrics so you can sing a long at home!!! Enjoy and remember to share YOUR stories with us on facebook or via email to breakfast@connectfm.com

The Weigh In Wednesday Song
(Music: Buddy Holly   Words: Mark Jeeves {sorry Buddy} )

Breakfast time is a roller coaster
I keep trying to avoid the toaster
Won’t my hunger simply go away,a hey,a hey hey

Lunchtime comes, time for a Ryvita
Frankly though I fancy something sweeter
Egg McMuffin*, take my hunger away, a hey,a hey hey

Everyone’s got a favourite diet
Everyone says that I should try it
Why don’t they **** off and be quiet
I want some pie

Every day I want to be thinner
Without eating celery for dinner
Surely there must be another way, a hey, a hey hey

*Mark is aware that McDonalds stop serving Egg McMuffins before lunchtime but it just fitted the song. So there.